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Kleine bedrijven (50 of minder medewerkers)
25 mei 2021
Algemene beoordeling:
Michelle G. avatar
Michelle G.
Directeur, Nationale Hulpbronnen, Strategie, Partnerschappen + D, E, I Comité
"Eenvoudig te gebruiken tool voor het maken van afbeeldingen op sociale media!"
Wat vind je het leukste aan Stencil?

Stencil is an easy way to make images for social media and websites. It was intuitive to learn and use, no training or even video training needed. With pre-set sizes, it is easy to make sure you are creating the correct size. They have a ton of available great images and quotes images but it is easy to upload your own as well. They have their own templates which I don't use but another time-saver. Nice that you can have your logo easily appear on all images. The Chrome add-on makes it easy to open up images in Stencil, love it. Check out social media feeds you like to get good ideas instead of just winging it. Took me a good year of use before my posts looked professional. This tool makes it easily possible to create the posts (and use their good-looking templates) but the creativity is still up to you. Pick a consistent look and feel. Huge storage space I've been making images for 3+ years and can organize and access them all easily and haven't had to upgrade to keep them. The search function to search their images and your own is great. Being able to make custom sizes and save them for easy access each time. I have folders for created and used images based upon the color scheme. I have it integrated with Buffer for easily scheduling to social media, perfect integration to make whole social media post creation and scheduling seamless.

Wat vind je niet leuk aan stencil?

Customization is limited, making images re-sizable make them unusable because it shrinks them smaller than the original size and pixelated. It would be great if more fonts are available, although I just noticed you can upload fonts. The copy and paste function can be a little tricky but you get the hang of it. I have never been able to get save custom templates to work properly for me, could be user error but would make it easier to keep a similar look and feel.

Welke problemen lost stencil op en welke voordelen heeft dat voor u?

Being able to make professional consistent social media posts across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I can create months worth of posts in a relatively short amount of time. I can easily see if I have used the image before, organize images, and mark them as used so as not to repeat posts/images. Instead of searching Google for quotes, I can search right in Stencil. Stencil has helped us create a polished consistent look across platforms. Because of my website company's lack of photo specs, this was the only way I was able to keep photos a consistent size. Great integration with Buffer and the Chrome addon save safe immense time. I tried different social media image creation tools and Stencil showed to be the best for the value. The results of having a professional well crafted social media presence are an absolute necessity for all organizations. I haven't tried others but haven't needed to because Stencil has met all our needs from day one. Good customer service quickly and easily resolves the very few issues/questions we've had.

Kleine bedrijven (50 of minder medewerkers)
Jan 30, 2019
Algemene beoordeling:
Gaurav H. avatar
Gaurav H.
"Eenvoudig, gemakkelijk te gebruiken hulpmiddel voor het maken van afbeeldingen"
Wat vind je het leukste aan Stencil?

It is super easy to use. They have all the basic features needed to create images for social media sharing. I also like the pricing strategy. Under free pricing, you can have ten images every month.

Wat vind je niet leuk aan stencil?

I haven't encountered any specific absence of a feature. I am sure it does not have other bells and whistles which more established companies have. But the simplicity of the tool makes it a better service.

Welke problemen lost stencil op en welke voordelen heeft dat voor u?

Create images for social media sharing. It is very easy to put images together and create images for social media sharing.